Mapping local words in Melbourne

For my next project, I will be making a couple of maps to show vocabulary used to describe places or things that are specific to a particular location in Melbourne.

There is existing ongoing research called the Linguistics Roadshow which already maps some of the few regionalisms that exist in Australia for things like potato cakes, bathers and milk bars. It’s a really cool website and I’d highly recommend having a look (link here).

But I intend for my map to focus on locations rather than objects or structures.

Having grown up in North Balwyn, I know that we who live in suburbs near Doncaster Shopping Centre will often refer to it as a ‘Shoppo’ during informal speech. I’m aware of a couple of others, such as ‘Chaddy’ and ‘Rezza’.

I am interested in finding out what these are and if there are any spatial patterns to their use.

This brings me to my request to you – please fill out this survey! You can find it at this link here:

It is very short and only takes 2-3 minutes to complete but will be a big help to me.

I have included it as an embedded form below as well if you can’t be bothered clicking to another webpage.


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